No charges against the motorcyclist

SAINT-JEROME. There will be no charge in the case of road rage on Highway 15 on October 14. The event involving the driver of a car and a motorcyclist and his passenger.

We remember a video that was widely circulated on the web while a witness had filmed the scene. The man and the woman physically attacked a motorist.

According to the witness, the motorcyclist had made many overruns at a brisk pace and the other driver involved did not want to let him pass. Shocked, the motorcyclist kicked the rear bumper of the car. The motorist got out of his car and was hit by the motorcycle passengers.

They were all met by the police as well as the motorist and the witness who took the pictures. None of the people involved wanted to make a complaint.

"In this type of case, if there is no complaint, there is no charge," said the Sergeant of the Sûreté du Québec, Marc Tessier.

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