The three main objectives of the new direction of the CSRDN

EDUCATION. TC Media went to meet the new management team of the Rivière-du-Nord School Board to present their visions and objectives for the coming years. Last August, Guylaine Desroches, Michael Charette, Sébastien Tardif and René Brisson began their work as Executive Director and Deputy Directors General of CSRDN. If Ms. Desroches and Mr. Charette began their career at the CSRDN until they reached the general management, it is quite different for René Brisson who has an atypical career. As a science teacher, he worked at the Ministry of Education, Cégep de l’Outaouais, the Autorité des marchés financiers and an English school board before setting foot in Saint-Jérôme. Sébastien Tardif began his career at the Sault Saint-Louis School Board as a teacher. He then took on the role of school principal and assistant director of the education sector at the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board. He has also held the position of Coordinator of Evaluation of French at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. After taking stock of the 2009-2015 Strategic Plan, the new management has set three major objectives for the coming years. “Since the proposed mergers bill is still not passed, we have not formally adopted a new strategic plan. However, we have a provisional plan, “said Guylaine Desroches. These goals are success for all, organizational success as well as outreach.

Act early

Speaking of the first goal, Desroches says management wants to make sure all students succeed. CSRDN is already doing well at the provincial level through its fight against illiteracy in kindergarten.
In fact, the CSRDN began six years ago the Quebec program La Forêt de l'alphabet. With this game, children become familiar with the letters from kindergarten by learning the sound each of them makes. One year after the introduction of this program, the number of students judged to be at risk in the first year had halved. The gap between boys and girls and students from disadvantaged backgrounds has also narrowed.

Six years later, these students are in Grade 6 and are considered excellent readers. In June 2016, the pass rate for Grade 6 students is over 90% in reading and writing. "Yes, we must act early, but we must also act in continuity. We want to continue this momentum. In addition, now that we are doing well in literacy, we want to take a new step in numeracy, "said Ms. Desroches, who relies on numerous partnerships with universities to develop students' skills.


This approach is a way of saving since all students are doing better. Therefore, they do not need the services of orthopedagogues. These can focus more on students with larger delays. The cost of setting up this program, along with the training, was about $ 220,000 for NUSSC. "Well below the results he can report," said Marc St-Pierre, former deputy director of the NISRD and now an education consultant.

Success and radiation The second goal, organizational success, is the optimization of the administrative process. The goal is for staff members to work together to achieve the first goal of success for all students. “We want to develop joint skills to become a successful organization. We want to be among the best organizations in the province, “said Ms. Desroches. Finally, the CSRDN wants to share and pass on its successes to its partners and the population to ensure student perseverance.


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