Immunization clinics begin

HEALTH. With the cold season approaching, seasonal flu vaccination campaigns are beginning. It is indeed the 1st of November that vaccination will begin.

The Director of Public Health of the Laurentians, Dr. Eric Goyer, invites citizens to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones. "Annual vaccination is the best way to prevent the flu in vulnerable people for whom the disease could lead to serious complications and even death," he says. The flu is responsible for about a thousand deaths a year in Quebec.

"The flu shot is safe and effective. Sometimes there is a slight pain in the place where you have been vaccinated and rarely a little fever and aches the day after the vaccination. Much less of a disadvantage compared to those of the flu that can afflict us hard for several days, "says Dr. Goyer.

To find an influenza vaccination clinic, visit the CISSS Laurentides website at

Vaccination is offered free of charge to the following persons
Children from 6 to 23 months;

People with certain chronic diseases;

Pregnant women with certain chronic diseases, throughout their pregnancy;

Pregnant women in good health, during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of their pregnancy;

People aged 60 and over;

The relatives of the persons mentioned above and those who take care of them;

Relatives of children under six months;

Health workers.

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