Saint-Jérôme High School renounces renaming project

SAINT-JEROME. The École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme is giving up the name change project for its auditorium, which will remain the Salle André-Prévost.

The decision to abandon the project to change the name of the auditorium, which had been made to the last governing board of the 2015-2016 school year, was approved on September 14 by the president of the governing board and the direction of École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme.

New display

It is by way of a press release that "The management and members of the governing board recognize the legacy left by André Prévost and the importance to be given to respect for history and cultural heritage". In addition, "The management says it regrets the negative spin-offs and concerns raised by this name change project, both with the Prévost and Danis families, as well as with the public and partners, particularly the broadcaster En Scène."

In addition, the École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme, wishing to better contribute to the promotion of the work of André Prévost, a significant figure in the history of the City of Saint-Jérôme and the international musical culture will review the dedicated display to the composer by giving him more visibility at the entrance of the auditorium. The multi-purpose school mentions that "this project will be updated with the family and partners who have offered their collaboration".

Finally, the new graduation cafe at École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme will be named Marie-France-Danis. Ms. Danis has worked for more than 25 years at the school’s recreation department and has accompanied tens of thousands of students. In addition, the school will award the new Marie-France-Danis Prize annually to a student who has distinguished himself by his involvement in the school’s leisure activities. Recall that a news item published in the Journal Le Nord April 13, 2016 mentioned that Salle André-Prévost would become Marie-France-Danis Hall from June 8, 2016.


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