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Maintenance Tips for Residential and Commercial Safes

High quality commercial safes can last for several years or even a lifetime if you maintain in a proper manner and care for it.  Irrespective of whether the goal is to protect cash, important personal documents, and firearms, a poorly performing safe might fail when you require it the most. To make sure that the safe provides optimum protection and functionality, it is necessary to take steps on a regular basis so that it performs optimally for several years to come.

Do Not Rough-House the Safe

It might not seem like a big deal to slam the safe door. However, the heavy weight can cause the internal bolts and the moving parts to bend or even become dysfunctional with continuous slamming. The safes that have a traditional combination locking system often consider that the best way to reset the lock after closing is it is to quickly whirl the dial just like a spinner top. This action is also going to wear down the internal moving parts of the lock. Hence, it is better to spin slowly.  Nonetheless, as per many professional locksmith, this problem can be avoid if you invest in a secure and modern locking option  for commercial safe like digital combination, biometric technology, and electronic access cards.

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Do a Monthly General Cleaning

Once in a month, take time to clean the exterior portion of residential or commercial safes.  Make sure that you use a non-abrasive cleaner and clean the handles, edges, lock, and cracks thoroughly.  Some coating materials like powered-coat, glossy, and textured can be cleaned using a damp cloth. However, you should not use metal polishes or solvents.  These might damage the exterior portion of the safe.

Lubricate the Locking Mechanisms

A stuck commercial safes which refuses to open even if you are entering the right code might be little problematic. These incidents might take place at the most inconvenient times like when you require your firearms during evacuation or business documents during a meeting.  If you want the safe locks to open smoothly, apply a certain amount of grease approved by the manufacturer to the bottom and also the front sides of the lock once in a year. This will prevent it from sticking and jamming. Even though the maintenance step is minimal, it is better to get in touch with an experienced locksmith to handle the problem of the commercial safes along with annual servicing.

Invest in Safe Inspection and Servicing

Even though annual inspection includes lubricating the lock and hinges for proper functioning, it is also make sure that the safe door closes in a proper manner and smoothly when you quick close the safe door. This maintenance will enable the technicians to check the security checkpoints as access cards, alarms, and biometrics and ensure that the digital records related details are functioning in a proper manner. Nonetheless, the locks are the most important aspect of safe.  A commercial safe are solid with generous warranty and only a professional will enable you to understand what is covered and what is not. Moreover, you need to keep it in working condition since if the contents of the safe are stolen, you might have to prove that you kept it in working condition.