Alain Monette attempts a return to municipal politics

ELECTIONS. Councilor in Prévost for two terms in the 90s, Alain Monette is trying to return to the municipal arena. The retiree from Lesage is an independent candidate in District 3 for the by-election to be held on November 6th. While his opponent Michel Morin of Renouveau Prevostois held a press conference in September to announce his candidacy, Mr. Monette decided to be more discreet. He does not display a sign, does not advertise and has not contacted the journalists. The candidate who grew up in Prévost distributes door hangers and goes to meet his fellow citizens. “I know a lot of people. If these people will vote, I will win. I do not need to spend $ 5,000. I will not be elected thanks to the signs. I will be elected because people know me, “said Mr. Monette. The 70-year-old, who lived in Montreal for a few years, lived most of his life in Prévost. A partner in Shawbridge’s family-owned hardware store and owner of a hardware store in Laval, he was then a general residential contractor. Over the years, Mr. Monette has seen his city evolve. He believes that the Municipality must act to improve infrastructure. “I look at the other municipalities and they all have beautiful buildings for the town hall, the cultural center, thanks to government subsidies. Why, would not we be able to have some here. We pay a lot of taxes, but we do not have much, “says the one who regrets that the municipal pool is the same as when he was young. Prévostois would also like the City to centralize all municipal buildings (community center, cultural center, recreation center) in order to offer a better quality of service to citizens.

Defeated in 2013 Three years ago, Alain Monette, who had just retired, tried a return policy. However, the man who ran for the Prévostois party lost his election by a hundred votes against Gilbert Brunet, the candidate of Mayor Germain Richer. When Mr. Brunet decided to leave his seat on City Council because of a move, Mr. Morin saw a great opportunity. “Since my retirement, I have the taste to return to politics. I attend virtually all council meetings, “said the one who will run in the general election next year if he wins by a strong majority on November 6. It should be noted that Alain Monette and Michel Morin are the only two candidates for the by-election. The advance poll is October 30 from noon to 8 pm


The CFTR Saint-Jérôme blows its 40 candles

ANNIVERSARY. The St. Jerome Road Training Center (CFTR) recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with several guests. For the occasion, the CFTR launched a video demonstrating its 40 years in the teaching of trades related to the transport of people and goods industry in addition to launching its new logo and its new website. One can perceive in the inclined geometry of this “text logo” the expression of action and movement: a road, a curve, a steering wheel, a grille. In addition, the website provides clear and easy navigation for devices such as smartphones and tablets. This site allows future students to register online for information sessions and to access the training offered at the CFTR.


Saint-Jérôme High School renounces renaming project

SAINT-JEROME. The École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme is giving up the name change project for its auditorium, which will remain the Salle André-Prévost.

The decision to abandon the project to change the name of the auditorium, which had been made to the last governing board of the 2015-2016 school year, was approved on September 14 by the president of the governing board and the direction of École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme.

New display

It is by way of a press release that "The management and members of the governing board recognize the legacy left by André Prévost and the importance to be given to respect for history and cultural heritage". In addition, "The management says it regrets the negative spin-offs and concerns raised by this name change project, both with the Prévost and Danis families, as well as with the public and partners, particularly the broadcaster En Scène."

In addition, the École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme, wishing to better contribute to the promotion of the work of André Prévost, a significant figure in the history of the City of Saint-Jérôme and the international musical culture will review the dedicated display to the composer by giving him more visibility at the entrance of the auditorium. The multi-purpose school mentions that "this project will be updated with the family and partners who have offered their collaboration".

Finally, the new graduation cafe at École polyvalente Saint-Jérôme will be named Marie-France-Danis. Ms. Danis has worked for more than 25 years at the school’s recreation department and has accompanied tens of thousands of students. In addition, the school will award the new Marie-France-Danis Prize annually to a student who has distinguished himself by his involvement in the school’s leisure activities. Recall that a news item published in the Journal Le Nord April 13, 2016 mentioned that Salle André-Prévost would become Marie-France-Danis Hall from June 8, 2016.


The three main objectives of the new direction of the CSRDN

EDUCATION. TC Media went to meet the new management team of the Rivière-du-Nord School Board to present their visions and objectives for the coming years. Last August, Guylaine Desroches, Michael Charette, Sébastien Tardif and René Brisson began their work as Executive Director and Deputy Directors General of CSRDN. If Ms. Desroches and Mr. Charette began their career at the CSRDN until they reached the general management, it is quite different for René Brisson who has an atypical career. As a science teacher, he worked at the Ministry of Education, Cégep de l’Outaouais, the Autorité des marchés financiers and an English school board before setting foot in Saint-Jérôme. Sébastien Tardif began his career at the Sault Saint-Louis School Board as a teacher. He then took on the role of school principal and assistant director of the education sector at the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board. He has also held the position of Coordinator of Evaluation of French at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. After taking stock of the 2009-2015 Strategic Plan, the new management has set three major objectives for the coming years. “Since the proposed mergers bill is still not passed, we have not formally adopted a new strategic plan. However, we have a provisional plan, “said Guylaine Desroches. These goals are success for all, organizational success as well as outreach.

Act early

Speaking of the first goal, Desroches says management wants to make sure all students succeed. CSRDN is already doing well at the provincial level through its fight against illiteracy in kindergarten.
In fact, the CSRDN began six years ago the Quebec program La Forêt de l'alphabet. With this game, children become familiar with the letters from kindergarten by learning the sound each of them makes. One year after the introduction of this program, the number of students judged to be at risk in the first year had halved. The gap between boys and girls and students from disadvantaged backgrounds has also narrowed.

Six years later, these students are in Grade 6 and are considered excellent readers. In June 2016, the pass rate for Grade 6 students is over 90% in reading and writing. "Yes, we must act early, but we must also act in continuity. We want to continue this momentum. In addition, now that we are doing well in literacy, we want to take a new step in numeracy, "said Ms. Desroches, who relies on numerous partnerships with universities to develop students' skills.


This approach is a way of saving since all students are doing better. Therefore, they do not need the services of orthopedagogues. These can focus more on students with larger delays. The cost of setting up this program, along with the training, was about $ 220,000 for NUSSC. "Well below the results he can report," said Marc St-Pierre, former deputy director of the NISRD and now an education consultant.

Success and radiation The second goal, organizational success, is the optimization of the administrative process. The goal is for staff members to work together to achieve the first goal of success for all students. “We want to develop joint skills to become a successful organization. We want to be among the best organizations in the province, “said Ms. Desroches. Finally, the CSRDN wants to share and pass on its successes to its partners and the population to ensure student perseverance.


Allegation of sexual assault by a Liberal MP: Stéphane Billette invited to question his colleagues

Prime Minister Philippe Couillard asks the Chief Government Whip and Huntingdon MP Stéphane Billette to audit each of his party’s elected officials following a statement by a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a woman Liberal MP, reports TVA News. A young woman said last night, before about 500 people gathered in Quebec City, to have been the victim of sexual assault by a member of the National Assembly. This gathering was held at Laval University in support of the fifteen or so women who claim to have been sexually assaulted at the university’s residences. The young woman detailed this alleged incident on his Facebook page, reveals TVA News. The assault would have occurred in a restaurant in Quebec where she worked. It was allegedly committed by a member of the Liberal Party. She reportedly lodged a complaint with the Quebec police last year when she heard of Paul Arcand’s radio show this morning. She claims that the police would have dissuaded her. “We wanted to protect the aggressor because he has a seat in the National Assembly, because he is an important man, because his career is more important than the aggression I experienced,” he said. the young woman in the statement last night. Prime Minister Couillard reacted this morning saying he took the situation seriously. “” If I understand, she would have complained. I asked the whip to check with each of the elected officials. I want to go further. I do not take this situation lightly, “he told TVA News. Le Coup d’oeil tried to reach MP Stéphane Billette this morning, but at the time of writing, he had not called back.


7 major earthquakes in Quebec

Seven earthquakes in Quebec are on the list of the most important in the country, according to their ranking on the Richter scale. Magnitude is the measure of the energy released by an earthquake. It should be noted that an earthquake of magnitude 7 is 10 times more intense than a shake of level 6, and releases about 32 times more energy. An earthquake of magnitude less than 5 usually does not cause damage.

1. Charlevoix, 1663, Magnitude 7
On February 5, 1663 at 5:30 pm, the earthquake in the St. Lawrence River between Rivière Malbaie and Rivière Ouelle was felt throughout eastern North America. No deaths have been recorded.

2. Charlevoix, 1870, Magnitude 6.5
Near Baie-St-Paul, October 20th. This earthquake was felt throughout eastern Canada and the United States (Iowa and Virginia to the south).

3. Charlevoix-Kamouraska, 1925, Magnitude 6.2
On February 28 at 9:19 pm, this tremor was felt more than 1,000 kilometers from the epicenter, which was near Île aux Lièvres. Damage was significant near the epicenter, as well as in Quebec and Shawinigan.
4. Témiscamingue, 1935, Magnitude 6.1
About 10 kilometers east of Temiscaming, November 1 at 01:03. This earthquake was felt west to Thunder Bay, Ontario, east to the Bay of Fundy and south to Kentucky and Virginia. About 300 kilometers from the epicenter near Parent, the vibrations of the tremor triggered a 30-meter slide of the railway embankment.

5. Charlevoix, 1860, Magnitude 6
In the St. Lawrence River, north of the mouth of Rivière Ouelle, October 17. The earthquake was felt from Hamilton, Ontario, to New Brunswick, and south to the United States to Newark, New Jersey. Chimneys collapsed and walls were damaged.

6. Saguenay, 1988, Magnitude 5.9
The earthquake of November 25, 1988 at 18:46, 35 km south of Chicoutimi, was preceded by another, magnitude 4.7, two days earlier. Damage has been reported to Montreal East.

7. Montreal, 1732, Magnitude 5.8
The chimneys fell and the walls were cracked following the September 16 earthquake at 11am. 300 houses were damaged. A girl would have been killed.



Immunization clinics begin

HEALTH. With the cold season approaching, seasonal flu vaccination campaigns are beginning. It is indeed the 1st of November that vaccination will begin.

The Director of Public Health of the Laurentians, Dr. Eric Goyer, invites citizens to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones. "Annual vaccination is the best way to prevent the flu in vulnerable people for whom the disease could lead to serious complications and even death," he says. The flu is responsible for about a thousand deaths a year in Quebec.

"The flu shot is safe and effective. Sometimes there is a slight pain in the place where you have been vaccinated and rarely a little fever and aches the day after the vaccination. Much less of a disadvantage compared to those of the flu that can afflict us hard for several days, "says Dr. Goyer.

To find an influenza vaccination clinic, visit the CISSS Laurentides website at

Vaccination is offered free of charge to the following persons
Children from 6 to 23 months;

People with certain chronic diseases;

Pregnant women with certain chronic diseases, throughout their pregnancy;

Pregnant women in good health, during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of their pregnancy;

People aged 60 and over;

The relatives of the persons mentioned above and those who take care of them;

Relatives of children under six months;

Health workers.

No charges against the motorcyclist

SAINT-JEROME. There will be no charge in the case of road rage on Highway 15 on October 14. The event involving the driver of a car and a motorcyclist and his passenger.

We remember a video that was widely circulated on the web while a witness had filmed the scene. The man and the woman physically attacked a motorist.

According to the witness, the motorcyclist had made many overruns at a brisk pace and the other driver involved did not want to let him pass. Shocked, the motorcyclist kicked the rear bumper of the car. The motorist got out of his car and was hit by the motorcycle passengers.

They were all met by the police as well as the motorist and the witness who took the pictures. None of the people involved wanted to make a complaint.

"In this type of case, if there is no complaint, there is no charge," said the Sergeant of the Sûreté du Québec, Marc Tessier.

From 50 to 80 millimeters by the end of the day Friday

WEATHER. Significant amounts of rain are expected in the coming hours in several regions of Quebec. Environment Canada issued a special weather report related to a massive depression.

A weather system will form south of the Great Lakes on Thursday morning. It will affect southern Quebec midday Thursday. "The rain will quickly increase in the evening of Thursday with quantities between 40 and 50 millimeters until Friday morning," warns Environment Canada.

Precipitation will continue in the day of Friday. "Some localities near and north of the river could receive between 50 and 80 millimeters of rain," continues the federal agency, adding that torrential rains can cause flash floods and a buildup of water on the roads.

Here are some of the areas affected by the weather alert:


of Mont-Tremblant - Sainte-Agathe

of Sainte-Adèle - Saint-Sauveur

-sector of Saint-Donat - Mont-Tremblant Park



-sector of Mascouche

of Rawdon - Joliette

of Berthierville - Saint-Gabriel


-sector of Lac-aux-Sables

-sector of Louiseville

District of Matawin - Mauricie National Park

-Sector of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade

-Sector of Shawinigan

-sector of Trois-Rivières


Even more rain?

This weather system could be affected by another depression currently affecting eastern Florida. It could interact with the system that will affect Quebec. This interaction could bring additional amounts of rain to southern and central Quebec on Saturday. "It is still too early to specify the quantities to be received," informs Environment Canada.

Pink Floyd for a good cause

SHOW. Active for more than 25 years, Eclipse no longer needs presentations. After the tours Best of and Live at Pompeii, the group innovates by presenting a brand new show Eclipse: Acoustic Floyd November 5 at Salle Augustin-Norbert-Morin of Sainte-Adèle.

Guitarist Pascal Grand'Maison, a Saint-Jérôme businessman well known in the region, explains that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Augustin-Norbert-Morin School's Wake-Up Fund and the Foundation for Success. of the Commission scolaire des Laurentides. The recipes will be used to provide meals to students in need and to improve the ANM Room, a place of creation and dissemination for students and the community.

"We were breaking in. We did some private performances, and this time it's an official representation. We are also in "booking" period for this show. We would like to see it in theaters across Quebec, "he adds. The Eclipse group will revisit Pink Floyd's repertoire of best hits, with new arrangements and acoustic instruments. All performed by five musicians and three singers.