Alain Monette attempts a return to municipal politics

ELECTIONS. Councilor in Prévost for two terms in the 90s, Alain Monette is trying to return to the municipal arena. The retiree from Lesage is an independent candidate in District 3 for the by-election to be held on November 6th. While his opponent Michel Morin of Renouveau Prevostois held a press conference in September to announce his candidacy, Mr. Monette decided to be more discreet. He does not display a sign, does not advertise and has not contacted the journalists. The candidate who grew up in Prévost distributes door hangers and goes to meet his fellow citizens. “I know a lot of people. If these people will vote, I will win. I do not need to spend $ 5,000. I will not be elected thanks to the signs. I will be elected because people know me, “said Mr. Monette. The 70-year-old, who lived in Montreal for a few years, lived most of his life in Prévost. A partner in Shawbridge’s family-owned hardware store and owner of a hardware store in Laval, he was then a general residential contractor. Over the years, Mr. Monette has seen his city evolve. He believes that the Municipality must act to improve infrastructure. “I look at the other municipalities and they all have beautiful buildings for the town hall, the cultural center, thanks to government subsidies. Why, would not we be able to have some here. We pay a lot of taxes, but we do not have much, “says the one who regrets that the municipal pool is the same as when he was young. Prévostois would also like the City to centralize all municipal buildings (community center, cultural center, recreation center) in order to offer a better quality of service to citizens.

Defeated in 2013 Three years ago, Alain Monette, who had just retired, tried a return policy. However, the man who ran for the Prévostois party lost his election by a hundred votes against Gilbert Brunet, the candidate of Mayor Germain Richer. When Mr. Brunet decided to leave his seat on City Council because of a move, Mr. Morin saw a great opportunity. “Since my retirement, I have the taste to return to politics. I attend virtually all council meetings, “said the one who will run in the general election next year if he wins by a strong majority on November 6. It should be noted that Alain Monette and Michel Morin are the only two candidates for the by-election. The advance poll is October 30 from noon to 8 pm


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