7 major earthquakes in Quebec

Seven earthquakes in Quebec are on the list of the most important in the country, according to their ranking on the Richter scale. Magnitude is the measure of the energy released by an earthquake. It should be noted that an earthquake of magnitude 7 is 10 times more intense than a shake of level 6, and releases about 32 times more energy. An earthquake of magnitude less than 5 usually does not cause damage.

1. Charlevoix, 1663, Magnitude 7
On February 5, 1663 at 5:30 pm, the earthquake in the St. Lawrence River between Rivière Malbaie and Rivière Ouelle was felt throughout eastern North America. No deaths have been recorded.

2. Charlevoix, 1870, Magnitude 6.5
Near Baie-St-Paul, October 20th. This earthquake was felt throughout eastern Canada and the United States (Iowa and Virginia to the south).

3. Charlevoix-Kamouraska, 1925, Magnitude 6.2
On February 28 at 9:19 pm, this tremor was felt more than 1,000 kilometers from the epicenter, which was near Île aux Lièvres. Damage was significant near the epicenter, as well as in Quebec and Shawinigan.
4. Témiscamingue, 1935, Magnitude 6.1
About 10 kilometers east of Temiscaming, November 1 at 01:03. This earthquake was felt west to Thunder Bay, Ontario, east to the Bay of Fundy and south to Kentucky and Virginia. About 300 kilometers from the epicenter near Parent, the vibrations of the tremor triggered a 30-meter slide of the railway embankment.

5. Charlevoix, 1860, Magnitude 6
In the St. Lawrence River, north of the mouth of Rivière Ouelle, October 17. The earthquake was felt from Hamilton, Ontario, to New Brunswick, and south to the United States to Newark, New Jersey. Chimneys collapsed and walls were damaged.

6. Saguenay, 1988, Magnitude 5.9
The earthquake of November 25, 1988 at 18:46, 35 km south of Chicoutimi, was preceded by another, magnitude 4.7, two days earlier. Damage has been reported to Montreal East.

7. Montreal, 1732, Magnitude 5.8
The chimneys fell and the walls were cracked following the September 16 earthquake at 11am. 300 houses were damaged. A girl would have been killed.



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