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Les superbes: Cultiver l’indignation

Du Pink Floyd pour une bonne cause

Les superbes: Cultiver l’indignation

Le succès des femmes dérange. C’est un des nombreux éléments qui ressortent de l’éclairant, touchant et inspirant ouvrage de Léa Clermont-Dion et Marie Hélène Poitras Les superbes.

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PROGRAMME. Dans la poursuite du projet de coopération internationale DÉCLIC, Anne Gagnon, chargée de projet de la Formation continue, Services aux entreprises et International du Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, accompagnée d’Isabelle Brabant, consultante sage-femme et de l’équipe malienne de soins obstétricaux de l’INFSS, se sont rendues au Bénin, en Afrique de l’Ouest, en septembre dernier.

Courir avec les Godasses du Nord!

ENTRAÎNEMENT. Depuis quelques années, le club de course de Saint-Jérôme, Les Godasses du Nord, gagne en popularité. Ce sont maintenant près de 200 membres qui, deux fois par semaine, chaussent les espadrilles pour un entraînement en groupe.

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Maintenance Tips for Residential and Commercial Safes

High quality commercial safes can last for several years or even a lifetime if you maintain in a proper manner and care for it.  Irrespective of whether the goal is to protect cash, important personal documents, and firearms, a poorly performing safe might fail when you require it the most. To make sure that the safe provides optimum protection and functionality, it is necessary to take steps on a regular basis so that it performs optimally for several years to come.

Do Not Rough-House the Safe

It might not seem like a big deal to slam the safe door. However, the heavy weight can cause the internal bolts and the moving parts to bend or even become dysfunctional with continuous slamming. The safes that have a traditional combination locking system often consider that the best way to reset the lock after closing is it is to quickly whirl the dial just like a spinner top. This action is also going to wear down the internal moving parts of the lock. Hence, it is better to spin slowly.  Nonetheless, as per many professional locksmith, this problem can be avoid if you invest in a secure and modern locking option  for commercial safe like digital combination, biometric technology, and electronic access cards.

commercial safes

Do a Monthly General Cleaning

Once in a month, take time to clean the exterior portion of residential or commercial safes.  Make sure that you use a non-abrasive cleaner and clean the handles, edges, lock, and cracks thoroughly.  Some coating materials like powered-coat, glossy, and textured can be cleaned using a damp cloth. However, you should not use metal polishes or solvents.  These might damage the exterior portion of the safe.

Lubricate the Locking Mechanisms

A stuck commercial safes which refuses to open even if you are entering the right code might be little problematic. These incidents might take place at the most inconvenient times like when you require your firearms during evacuation or business documents during a meeting.  If you want the safe locks to open smoothly, apply a certain amount of grease approved by the manufacturer to the bottom and also the front sides of the lock once in a year. This will prevent it from sticking and jamming. Even though the maintenance step is minimal, it is better to get in touch with an experienced locksmith to handle the problem of the commercial safes along with annual servicing.

Invest in Safe Inspection and Servicing

Even though annual inspection includes lubricating the lock and hinges for proper functioning, it is also make sure that the safe door closes in a proper manner and smoothly when you quick close the safe door. This maintenance will enable the technicians to check the security checkpoints as access cards, alarms, and biometrics and ensure that the digital records related details are functioning in a proper manner. Nonetheless, the locks are the most important aspect of safe.  A commercial safe are solid with generous warranty and only a professional will enable you to understand what is covered and what is not. Moreover, you need to keep it in working condition since if the contents of the safe are stolen, you might have to prove that you kept it in working condition.

Buying and Investing in Gold Coins

Investing in Gold is always the best thing to do because even when the world economies shake shiver, gold still prospers. Gold bullion coins will be sold in millions every week. When you buy gold coins of Canadian Maple Leaf and American Eagle, they contain high gold purity and the metal dealer who deals with precious metals can be easily bought and sell the gold.

Because of economic crisis, most of these investors are turning into ETFs or gold exchange-traded funds to redeem on gold’s rise. Barry Stuppler president and founder of Mint State Gold says that, currently, many individuals have been going away from them. He is also a popular precious metals dealer in Woodland, California.

You may be wondering why some ETFs do not hold the physical gold, as a replacement for the gold index. For instance, the CBOE GI (Gold Index) follows the cost of gold-mining companies. According to the Author of “Precious Metals Investing for Dummies Paul Mladjenovic, Gold ETFs may even buy and sell in gold futures contracts can be a perilous investment option.

That is why the author prefers gold coins. The price of 24-karat Maple Leaf, one-ounce will match spot price of gold approximately and benefited from a sudden rise between 2005 and 2011, when the gold price increased more than quadrupled. However, the investors are aware of the facts that what goes up sometime fall down quickly. Recently, the buy gold coins price has declined as well.

buy gold coins

The negative aspect of gold coins:

As an investor, you must consider all aspects before investing hard earned cash in gold coins because even gold coins have negative aspects. Mladjenovic says that buy Gold coins are not intended for trading, he also advises the investors to hold the gold coins for three years.
Also, Stuppler says that the dealers generally do not use credit cards during gold purchases. The dealers may not allow except they have the cash in hand. So, he says, you must have a cashier’s check or bank wire transfer to pay for the gold coins.
Selling gold coins can be a very complicated task as you need to pack the coins in a bubble wrap to protect the coins when shipping them back. Also, to track the package, you can send it through Express Mail or Registered mail, or you can as well use services like UPS or FedEx. Also, the gold coins should be insured for their complete value.

Here you can find some tips for selling and buying gold coins:

gold coins– Choose North American Coins: Always choose American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins as they are easy to sell and buy. 24-karat Maple Leaf gold coin rules outside the United States, whereas the 22-karat Eagle rules inside the US. The Eagle gold coin’s purity and content are assured by the U.S. Mint.
– Stuppler says, that the American Eagle gold coins can be used to put into the individual retirement accounts.
– Mladjenovic Says, the US Mint introduced a new gold coin called American Buffalo in the year 2006 to compete with the pure Maple Leaf. The American Buffalo 24 karats symbolizes the purest gold coin ever by the U.S. Mint, but this new coin is not sold and bought as often as the American eagle, and also, it is more expensive. Usually, most people are not so familiar with the American Buffalo as well.

The Importance of Everyday Office Supplies for Business

Many people take it easy when it comes to buying everyday office supplies for business.  Though everyone knows the importance of the office supplies but still, they neglect a lot. People use them and don’t mind to replace the stuff once it gets over. Only the person who is responsible to track the supplies list will take care of it, otherwise, no one else in the office bothered to take responsibility. But, it is important for every employee to inform the person who is responsible to refill the supplies that way you can maintain enough office supplies throughout the year. But, it is also very important to use only the good quality Toronto office supplies for your business. Here you can find some vital facts that can help you get good supplies for your business.

toronto office supplies

Professional Appearance:

When you use the best Toronto office supplies, you will show how your business gives importance to each and every details and it represents your business.  Maybe your customers don’t visit the office on a frequent basis, but, it is for sure that they will see the result even if they don’ see how quality your office supplies that you are using for your business. For instance, if you sent a post to your client using the high-quality envelopes and written on high-quality paper, then they might get a good opinion when they see the quality you maintain even to send a letter.

Also, if you are using the regular office supplies like the pens that don’t stop writing in the middle or dry out quickly, a stapler that works properly without jamming up, punchers that work properly, and all these simple things make a lot of impact on your client.  These small things can help you build more confidence in your work. Though they seem to be insignificant issues to some individuals, still, these are the issues that can make a big difference when handled it properly. The customer will surely notice all these simple things and will believe and trust you business capabilities as they believe in your quality.

Branding:office supplies in toronto

If you are using your everyday office supplies as a system of branding for your business, then it will not only help you to reach out your message to your customers easily but also, it helps you save a lot of money without using any other extra branding means or options.

When you are using your office stationary or supplies as a branding for your business, then you must make sure to use your company’s logo, colors, etc. You can as well just put your phone number and email address along with company name. This can help you enhance your business and your business will reach many people.

More Efficient:

The best Toronto office supplies businesses including, paper, stationery, photocopiers, toner for printers, and any other office supplies that many employees use on a daily basis should be able available all the time.  This shows that your office is the most efficient and helps your customer build trust in your business. Without the right supplies, it is not easy to complete the given task that is why having enough office supplies can help you do your work productively and help you finish on time.  So, know the importance of office supplies as it makes a difference and enhances your business. Read more on how office supplies help in brand promotion here!

Unique Gift Baskets Ideas and Themes

It was not always easy to afford gifts when we were kids. The best thing that we could do was make gifts, maybe out of our own scraps of toys and other valuables that we owned as children. It was also a way in which we recycled things used by us. Toronto gift baskets refresh those memories with their very own and very unique gift baskets and you won’t be able to resist them. Gift baskets are an all-in-one gift that takes care of all the essentials you are planning on gifting to somebody. But for making a basket you need ideas.

toronto gift baskets

Have A Theme To Work With

Everything theme based are making it big all around the world, be it theme based birthday parties, or anniversaries and even weddings; so why shouldn’t you have a theme for gifts as well? Of course there will be themes with which certain gifts will be labeled, like birthdays and weddings, but if you want something unique you can go for a customized theme based basket by Toronto gift baskets which will keep personal interests in mind. For example your loved one is a fan of some popular TV Series; why not base your gift on that? You can’t deny that this is indeed a unique idea.

Food Items

Just because you are catering to a theme doesn’t mean you cannot include some items to eat. Here too you can choose the food items suggested or usually offered by your seller or you can do it your own way. This is the best part. You can customize anything. Even the extras, as Toronto gift baskets say. The regular items might not be on the favorites list of the loved one you are sending this too. So maybe you should choose the things that they like. Those will double their happiness.

Play With The Type Of Basket

The even more fun part in this process is that you can play around with the design of the basket that will carry the gifts. It does not have to be a regular basket. And why should it be when everything else is so unique? They can be chests, or have towering shapes. Toronto gift baskets say that they can be made to imitate something that is related to pop culture and something that you loved one happens to be interested in. the options are endless.

gift baskets in toronto

The Finishing

The finishing usually consists of the way you want the basket delivered. You can go for the regular styling, or something extravagant. Or you can turn it into a surprise package. This is something that everyone enjoys. You will bring out the kid in your loved one. All you have to do is make the gift look like something else so that when the final gift is revealed the surprise will multiply the joy. Toronto gift baskets thus make it a point to cater to customer satisfaction. They will bring you any kind of styling, theme and finishing that suits your purpose and you will be left with a smile.

Tips To Prevent Leakage in the Basement

Basements are no longer used as an extra space where you can throw whatever you want or use it as room to store unnecessary things. Home owners devote a lot of time and money towards the remodeling of the entire basement. If you have spent so much on the remodeling of your basement you must also have waterproofed it. Plumbing contractors Toronto emphasizes on the necessity of waterproofing your basement and to always look for any leakage even if the basement looks finished.

If you have moved in to a house recently you must have checked the entire house for any servicing necessary. You must have also taken a look at the basement, and noticed that it has been recently finished. How do you find out if there is any leakage in this finished basement?

plumbing contractors toronto

Go Outside

You cannot and should not tear down a finished basement looking for leaks, instead, go outside and take a look at the top part of your foundation wall. Plumbing contractors Toronto says that you must pay attention to the parts that correspond to the interiors of the seepage. Find out the place where you spotted water and take measurements so as to find out its corresponding position on the exterior wall. There are chances that you will find a crack there.

Having about two to eight cracks in your wall is normal. Only the cracks that are very deep will lead to leakage. You will require a professional to let you know whether you should start worrying about the crack that you have found out.

Check Windows

You might think that leaky windows are not a problem, but it may lead to eventual water damage and mold growth in your already finished basement. Older houses were not designed in a way to turn the basement into a living space, maybe your home did not have a basement at the start and it was added by lowering the floor and adding the windows.

Plumbing contractors Toronto points out that the caulking process can rid you of leakage through the windows of the basement. Applying caulk on the outside of the windows can actually help if the frame hasn’t started rotting yet. Otherwise your window will have to be replaced.

toronto wet basement

The Interiors

If in spite of all efforts outside you are still experiencing leakage problems it might be the time to take a look within the house. The water heater and sump pump is probably kept away; check them to see whether or not they are performing properly as chances are they are not. Plumbing contractors Toronto points to another common problem area which is the first floor’s plumbing area. That too might be leaking. Toilets leaking slowly are hardly noticed, so make sure you find it.

Be Proactive

Dampness in the basement is not uncommon and it has nothing to do with whether or not it has been finished. You can use a dehumidifier to keep the level of condensation low.

If you take a proactive approach towards finding out the root cause of your basement leakage, you will save yourself a lot of ordeal and money. And if the task at hand seems to complex you can always contact plumbing contractors Toronto and call one of their skilled professionals to help you with the issue.




Difficulties In Buying Windows And How To Evade Them

Windows, doors and other household furnishings are daily necessities. But now they have also become fashion accessories for the home, and a lot of trends are making its appearance in the market. Windows Etobicoke says that a lot of customers have expressed concern over one aspect of window installation, the buying part. To avoid the ordeal they just simply go to a contractor and trust them to do everything properly. And that is when they get disappointed. But you can evade the issues that come up when you go out to buy windows.

etobicoke windows

Do You Want To Buy?

This question can be answered only when you have considered a few things. You need to know whether right now is the right time or in other words do you or do you not need to replace your windows. Windows Etobicoke says that this questionnaire actually helps in setting things into motion. You need to check for damages, low performance, cracks and breakages, mold infestation and a lot of other signs like these. These are not just for the sake of finding flaws, but also for making up your mind. Updating of windows might be necessary and if it is, go out and shop.

Pay Attention To The Smallest Aspects

There are a lot of details that need attention. You might miss them as they might seem insignificant to you, but t the same time, catering to them can help you get an overall good performance and also save your money. Find out how much the company you have hired is willing to cover, or if there are certain charges for certain problems. What are the costs that are included in the package? These are the questions you must ask says windows Etobicoke.

Talk About Warranties

This too is something that you need to be very well informed about. Warranties vary from company to company, but they also vary with the kind of material that is being used. You need to sort these things out with the company that you are hiring and talk about everything. From servicing, to warranty period, to coverage and how to avail of them when you need them. Also there might be certain aspects that the company will not cover; you need to know all of that, says windows Etobicoke. Servicing is also something you need to ask them about.windows etobicoke


When you are upgrading your windows, you must be looking for materials that provide improved security, compared to the ones that you already have, and if that is the case you must look for materials that are not easily damaged by any external force. They are supposed to protect you so you might as well go for what is called security glass. These are basically breakage proof glasses. So you will get optimum security, ask your company if they can provide this to you says windows Etobicoke.

When you are buying something having a checklist helps. Make a list of all the features you are looking for, and go out looking for them. This way your shopping will be much more organized and efficient.

5 of the Best Exterior House Paint Colors for spring

If you want to make your house look as good as new then you should opt for the services of a painting Toronto company. You should keep in mind that the exterior of the house portrays how the interior of the house would be and it also reflects the lifestyle of the inhabitants. It is also very important to keep in mind that the trend of exterior house colors does not change quickly. On the other hand, the interior house color trend undergoes a shift at a much quicker rate.

You should be aware that the exterior paint colors are chosen on the basis of geography and agricultural style. At present, the house owners are ditching the primary and dark colors and are opting for soft neutral shades or coastal shades. You can hire a painting Toronto company in case you are not able to paint the house yourself. At present, gray is being used commonly for exterior painting because it can blend into any setting.

painting toronto


The architecture of the house needs to be considered before the color is selected. You need to select the color on the basis of the architectural style and building material which is used in the house.


The surroundings of the house also need to be kept in consideration while selecting the color for the exterior. You should always opt for a color scheme which is in sync with the environment. It is advisable to avoid colors which are very bright and bold because these colors prevent the house from having a timeless exterior.

Using Neutral Shades

Neutral shades should be the first preference while selecting color for the exterior. A house which is painted with neutral tones portrays maturity, integrity and timelessness. The shades should be warm and cool tomes should be avoided.

White with Bold Accents

This is a classic combination and you can never go wrong with this combination. This combination also portrays your personal style and adds a touch of personality to the exterior if your house. Since painting the exterior of the house is a huge project, you can take the help of a painting Toronto company.

toronto painting

Buttery Yellow

If you color the exterior of your house with a buttery yellow shade then the house might appear to be environment-friendly. The warm tone is considered to be family-oriented and welcoming. The guests will feel at home before stepping into the house if you opt for this shade. You can also add a bit of contrast to make the house look more appealing and a painting Toronto company will be able to help you out.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is a shade which is inspired by the natural landscape. The house looks appealing and the color is expected to last for a very long time. It is best to avoid shades which are too bright and you can opt for pastel blue shades as well if it suits your preference.

painting in toronto

Warm Gray and Green

Gray is considered to be a shade which complements all exterior materials. You can team gray with a warm toned green shade to make the house look more appealing. You can take the help of a painting Toronto company to get the best finish.