Pink Floyd for a good cause

SHOW. Active for more than 25 years, Eclipse no longer needs presentations. After the tours Best of and Live at Pompeii, the group innovates by presenting a brand new show … Read More

Lion Bus Stands Out in the North American Market

ELECTRIFICATION. The first manufacturer to market a 100% electric school bus, Autobus Lion Saint-Jérôme, stands out in the North American market. On a mission to New York, Quebec Premier Philippe … Read More

From 50 to 80 millimeters by the end of the day Friday

WEATHER. Significant amounts of rain are expected in the coming hours in several regions of Quebec. Environment Canada issued a special weather report related to a massive depression. A weather … Read More

7 major earthquakes in Quebec

Seven earthquakes in Quebec are on the list of the most important in the country, according to their ranking on the Richter scale. Magnitude is the measure of the energy … Read More